If you ever need to personalize your Android smartphone, change the font size, change the font color, the wallpaper, etc. Android phones are now customizable on a number of points. Some are more accessible than others and only require very simple manipulations, while to modify some you will have to engage in manipulations which can be a little technical.

Today we will explain to you how to change the font color of your android smartphone? To do this, first, we will find out what changes you can make to the system font of your Android smartphone directly from the settings. Then, second, how to use an application to change its color.


How to change the font color directly from the settings of your Android smartphone?

If you are ever on this page, it is because you have probably already looked in the settings of your Android smartphone and that despite your various searches you have not managed to get your hands on the option to change the color of your phone's font. We will therefore try to help you in your quest.

Note that unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the color you want for the font of your Android smartphone. Indeed, for issues of readability and compatibility with different applications the choice of colors is very limited. However, you will be able to switch to dark mode and invert the colors of your android smartphone. This is your only way to change your font color, apply the following technique to do it:

  • See you in the » Settings  »From your Android smartphone
  • Click on the menu » Accessibility « 
  • Depending on the version of Android installed on your phone, you will directly find the option " Color inversion ", Otherwise you will have to go through the sub-menu" Visibility improvements « 
  • Now enable the color inversion option for either have the font color of your Android smartphone white or black

Changing the font color is good, however did you know that you can also change the font on your Android smartphone? We have written a tutorial on this theme if you want to continue to personalize your phone.

How to change the font color of an Android smartphone using an application?

As we told you a little above, to change the font color of your android smartphone to your liking you will be forced to download a third party application. After having tested several font manager applications, we suggest that you use HiFont, which will allow you to download and apply colored fonts for your phone. This kind of application evolves regularly and it is possible that it does not work after a while, look for another well-rated app of its kind at this point to perform the same technique.

Be careful, however, some fonts are original to say the least, they are certainly colorful, however you will have to like their style too. Last information, to use this kind of font you absolutely have to root your Android smartphone, if this is not the case you will not have sufficient permissions to modify this initial setting blocked by Android, now that you know everything, we can start:

  • Root your Android smartphone if you haven't already
  • Go to the Google Play Store, download and install HiFont
  • Open the application
  • Go to the category (top bar) » Color fonts  And choose the font that matches the color and style you want. You will be able to see below the download button the number of times it has been downloaded.
  • Now click on the download button
  • Now go to the " Settings  »From your Android smartphone
  • In the menu " Accessibility  »Click on the tab» Font size and style «, Now click on font and choose your new font
  • You will now benefit from your new policy