You have probably already observed these small square diagrams which are integrated more and more on promotional supports, on newspapers, on television… If ever it is very new for you however that you do not know precisely what this mystical writing is. and how to use them, fear not, you are not the only one. This is the reason why today we will teach you how to scan a QR code on your Nokia 6?

In this context, first of all, we will teach you in detail the interest and the functioning of this code. And, subsequently, the different ways to read a QR code on your Nokia 6.


How does a QR code work on a Nokia 6?

Before moving on to the practical part, it seemed essential to us to devote a few lines to teach you in detail what is the origin of these famous QR codes, what their function is and how they work. Therefore, they will have no more secrets for you and you can use them with full knowledge of the facts.

The acronym QR code actually comes from English Quick Response Code , these graphical diagrams have now been popular for a few years but have only been in widespread use for some time, so it only makes sense if you have ever missed this new feature. It is actually a code that will be read by the camera of your Nokia 6 and which will refer you in most cases to a website, as if you were clicking on a link. This will suddenly save a lot of time and make it easier for brands or other entities that use them to engage the people who view them.

If we summarize, using a small software, we copy / paste the link to which we want to refer and we generate a unique QR code which will correspond to this link, we can then integrate it on any medium.

How to scan a QR code on your Nokia 6?

We now move on to the practical part of this article, in which we will discover the different ways to read a QR Code or Flash code on your Nokia 6? First of all, directly from your mobile phone, without downloading a third-party application, then through a dedicated application if your mobile phone is not able to do so natively.

How to read a QR code directly from the camera of your Nokia 6?

First of the methods, and the easiest. As we explained to you, in recent years this technology has been democratizing and becoming more and more present. It was therefore logical that Google integrated it into its operating system. For the vast majority of you, therefore, you will have a function directly on your Nokia 6 which gives you the possibility of scanning a Flash Code. You just need to implement these basic instructions in a very simple way:

  • Identify the QR Code you want to scan
  • Open the “Camera” application on your Nokia 6
  • Aim for the Flash Code and wait a few seconds, you will either immediately have a proposal to open the link, or a proposal to scan the QR code
  • Accept the request and access your content

The method to scan a QR code using an application?

If ever, unfortunately for you, this functionality does not exist on your Nokia 6, it is certainly because your version of Android is too old, no worries, there are a large number of applications that support this simple operation. In addition, most of them are free, inevitably, which says free also means advertisements… However, they are most of the time not too invasive, and QR codes are not used several times a day either. We have chosen to present the application to you QR code reader and scanner , free and practical application which will give you the possibility of even scanning bar codes and having the history of your scans:

  • Download and install application on your Nokia 6
  • Open the app and accept access to the camera so that it can scan the codes
  • Place your Nokia 6 in front of the QR Code you want to scan and click on "Scan" at the bottom left of the screen
  • Access your content

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