We don't often talk about it, we assume that our phone will be broken before it stops working because of a bug. Indeed, Android smartphones today have such large screens and are so fragile that the most common causes of replacement are linked to various falls, which obviously are not covered by the brand's warranty. But suddenly in the event that you need the latter, how to check the manufacturer's warranty on an Android smartphone?

This is precisely what you are going to learn today, we will first try to remind you of what this warranty covers and when you can use it. Then, in a second step, two ways of find out the end date of your Android smartphone's warranty.


What is the warranty of an Android smartphone really used for?

We therefore start our tutorial by giving you a little reminder of how the warranty of an Android smartphone works. To begin with, you should know that for any purchase in an online or physical store in France, you are protected by the legal guarantee of conformity , which, since a modification of the law dating from 2016 covers you for a period of 2 years. If ever a failure occurs therefore within two years after purchase, that it concerns the battery, the screen, the processor ... and that you have no responsibility in this one, the seller is obligated to repair your Android smartphone for free.

If you ever have any problems with the store getting them to perform the required repairs on your Android smartphone, although you are within your rights and can take them to court, it is also possible to get in touch with the manufacturer. to play the manufacturer's warranty. This is among other things the case when you buy your products on the internet, it is easier to contact the brand directly rather than going through the intermediary of the seller, the repair would then be longer and the procedure laborious.

However, it is absolutely essential that you analyze the failure and that you be sure you are not responsible for it. Already due to the fact that certain telephone customer services are pay and in some brands, the quote is paid in the event that the origin of the problem is not due to the brand , same thing for sending the package. It is therefore sometimes more interesting to go directly to a repairer to avoid additional costs.

How to check the end date of the warranty on an Android smartphone?

We now move on to the second part of this article. and in which you will see how to know the end date of the warranty of your Android smartphone? First by means of the purchase invoice and then by contacting the brand.

Find your purchase invoice to find out the end date of the warranty on your Android smartphone

First of the options to find the end of warranty date of your Android smartphone. It may seem simple but it will indeed be with the purchase invoice of your phone. Whether you bought it on the internet or in a physical store on the invoice will be indicated the end date of the warranty. In the event that it is not entered, you will be able to calculate it very easily using the date of the invoice. Simply find out about the warranty offered by the brand of your Android smartphone. Some brands stick to the mandatory 1 year warranty while others push it up to 2 years.

Check the end date of the warranty of your Android smartphone by contacting the manufacturer

Finally, second possibility, in the event that you want to find out the warranty date of your Android smartphone , you can directly contact the after-sales service of the manufacturer of your device. You will suffice, in the event that you still have retrieve the IMEI number of your Android smartphone and communicate it to them, so they will be able to trace the date of purchase of the latter and give you the end date of your warranty.